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Why A+ Nail School

We offer an education in the latest nail techniques. We have flexible hours and provide an affordable education. The school has a nail salon in the front, where students experience how a successful nail salon is run. A+ Nail School is licensed by a The State of Illinois to provide students with 350 hours of training and learning necessary to take the certificate exam to become a licensed nail technicians in Illinois. We also provide a (625 hours) class for experienced nail technicians who want to become a nail technology Instructor. Other services include continuing education (CE), license restoration and license transfer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you achieve your goals by providing all the learning materials, supplies, and technology tools. You will need to graduate and pass the Illinois State Board Examination to become a professional in your career.
Make your future A+ with A+ Nail School.


Nail Technician Course

This program provides the students with basic knowledge on nail technology, including professional ethics and image as well as the importance of safety and sanitation procedures.

Refresher Course

UV Gel
Silk Wrap
Shaping and Polishing
No-Chip Manicure

Nail Technology Teacher Course

The objective of this program is to develop the ability to teach the theory and practice of nail technology as well as the ability to use various teaching aids to explain relevant concepts to students.

License Restoration*

License Transfer*

CE hours*

*call for more information



Eunice Mun

Eunice Mun, the founder of A+ Nail School, has been successful in the nail business for more than ten years. Beginning in 2004, she established her first nail salon in Chicago area, followed by a second salon later the same year. In 2013, she bought A+ Nail School school specializing in nail techniques. Her inspiration for A+ Nail School was to train nail technicians and also teachers who could expend the number of qualified nail technicians. She saw being a nail technician as an opportunity to earn a regular income and grow as an individual and business person.

Loretta Gonzalez

"I have been in the nail industries for over 30 years and loving every minute of it , now teaching men and women the Art of Nail Technology, at A+ Nail School. As my years progressed, I found myself wanting to show and teach people my craft so they can become independent and earn a better income in the nail industry as licensed nail technician and licensed nail educators. I wanted to lay that foundations and so I did. I love my work. Becoming a Licensed Nail Technician and now an Educator was truly my calling."

Carla Parra
Graduated student

"I am 30 years old Ecuadorian women who recently came to Chicago, I have been at the school for 3 months and I recently complete the training hours here at A+ Nail School. My long-term goal is to own a nail salon to support my family and being a student at this nail school is preparing me exactly for that. The principle owned 2 nail salons in Chicago and she shares her experiences with running a nail salon and provides me with a knowledge that can help me achieve my goals."

Samal Baukenova
Instructor course student

"I came to America five years ago as an international student. I graduated from Eurasian National University with an engineer major. After being here several years I decided to persue a different career and found A+ Nail School. I am an A+ Nail School graduated student and I am currently in the instructor course. I am very happy I found A+ Nail School, their flexable schedule and profesional environment helps me continue my nail practices and expand my knowledge on becoming a teacher."

I totally recommend A+ Nail School. It is the placed to become a nail tech. The teachers are really professional and nice. Also the great thing is they have a flexible schedule according to your needs.

Cirana Salazar

The best nail school I've ever been, the teachers are so nice! Explain things really well until you understand, I love it and miss this place so much. Will recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn everything about nails and designs.

Victoria Marte

Very great school!!! Teachers are very professional and they know what they are doing! Highly recommend this school if u wanna be a great nail tech.

Rachel J Yu